ICT Networks - power consumption reference values and database

What is powerlib?

Powerlib is a database of power consumption values for ICT network equipment. It was started in September 2012, and its main and initial purpose is to collect and provide this data for use in research towards more power-efficient ICT networks. Data on this topic is not readily available, but instead distributed across different data sheets and (academic) publications. By providing a single source, we hope to facilitate power consumption data collection and referencing.

Initial work of this database appeared as technical report IBCN-12-001-01 (see the 'About' section for more information and to download a PDF version of the report).

How to use powerlib?

Anyone can consult the data available in the database (registration is not required). Just click the "Database" tab at the top-left of this page (or the link below this paragraph). On the Database page, click any of the component categories to see the available data.

Go to the database page

If you use this data for your research, please consider citing powerlib. Guidelines can be found on the About page

How to contribute?

Users can contribute to this database with their own data, preferably by including (links to) sources of the reported values. To do so, please register using the link at the top-right corner of this page, after which you can request contributing privileges.

If you have contributing privilges, you will also be able to view and dowload a local copy of the PDF file accompanying each record in the database (if applicable and available).